'Shio Hashtag Queens Superhero' Video Game for Mobiles

Shio, a Tarzan/James Bond like character is a digital era justice fighter, a natural warrior, who is skilled in martial arts and shooting. Her life path has not been the easiest one, but it made her into a formidable threat to the local gangs. They are eager to destroy Shio, her life, her friends and family. They succeed, partially, but only to have unleashed upon themselves all the righteous fury of a young, multi-talented justice warrior. Guide Shio on her way. Remember: she does not take vengeance – she brings criminals to justice. Shio is a very modern and media-savvy Superhero, she leverages and draws support from the wider society for her gang busting campaigns by singing about them in real life-for real.

"I bring good trouble to all things bad"

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