Robodrone is a successful multidisciplinary artist who has attracted almost 462 million social media trendsetting followers who select and share his GIF’s in the multiple of millions daily- worldwide. He is also a songwriter/producer (distributed by INgrooves, digital content division of Universal Music Group via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon) and  broadcast on BBC radio etc.

In addition, he has pioneered  social media enabling art known as 3D+ Social Art which has been on loan to Twitter and Facebook-Instagram headquarters, London as well as featured in Facebook’s own short film for its Mark Zuckerberg convened World Summit, USA in April 2019.

Robodrone’s new class of social media enabling artworks, has its roots in music. He is the creator of tracks such as ‘Download My Heart’ a ‘modernspeak’ lyrics-driiven song, that expresses and celebrates the transformative social changes of the ongoing new Cultural Revolution. Facebook’s Music News page, took note of the new politically-inspired tracks by highlighting the arrival of the Alt-Rap genre led by ‘Shoutout FemRap’ and exemplified by the track Hashtag Queens. The music video with lyrics of Hashtag Queens was viewed by over 6 million people according to Facebook Analytics. This success prompted Robodrone to compile a book of Hashtag Memes using images and phrases to expand on the lyrics of the song thereby giving people yet more perspectives with which to navigate the New Era. The book was published via Apple and Amazon  digital books and is also avaiilable in a limited edition hard copy format.