Thank you letter from Facebook

Hi Mo,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the amazing Hashtag Queens throne by Robodrone you have made for the Facebook office. We are extremely happy as it has gone down as a hit in the workplace.

Not only is the throne elegant and delicately made but it also accurately depicts an amazing sense of the 5 companies values. It is a great place to bring our clients for pictures and videos whilst in the office. It represents a good example of social media enabling art and brings with it an artistic synergy into the office.

We appreciate all the effort you and your team have put into making this piece. It has fitted perfectly next to our Queen Elizabeth II

meeting room. Which happens to be near the Queen of Hearts office bar.

We look forward to creating memories to keep and to share in the throne (numerous pictures/videos) amongst ourselves and our clients.

Thank you again. We are all very pleased to be fortunate to have this unique piece of ‘instaperformance’ interactive art.

Kindest Regards,